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Our Sunday Lunch Menu

Delicious Sunday Roast

Our Sunday lunch menu caters for all the family
Choose from our traditional Sunday roast or just a light bite... Available between 12 - 3 pm


  • Homemade Soup of the Day 5.95

    Served with a crusty roll

  • Prawn Cocktail 7.45

    Served with Marie-rose sauce, brown bread & butter

  • Salt & Pepper Chicken 6.95

    Served on a bed of salad, drizzled in sweet chilli sauce

  • Creamy Garlic Mushrooms 6.95

    Served with a crusty roll

  • Hot & Kicking Chicken Wings 5.95

    Served with a choice of dip, sweet chilli, BBQ or Mayonnaise

  • Moroccan Style Cauli Bites ⓥ🌱Ⓖ 6.95

    Served with a vegan mayonnaise dip

  • Nachos ⓥ (Great for Sharing) 7.45

    Served with melted cheddar, jalapenos, salsa & guacamole

  • Pizza Nachos ⓥ (Great for Sharing) 8.95

    Covered in tomato pizza sauce, jalapenos, melted cheddar, salsa, & guacamole

  • Chilli Nachos (Great for Sharing) 9.95

    Served with chilli, melted cheddar, jalapenos, salsa, and guacamole

  • The Axe Platter (Great for Sharing) 12.95

    Our very own combination of chicken goujons, breaded brie, onion rings, baguette, olives, caramelised onion chutney, all finished off with salad garnish and BBQ, mayonnaise and sweet chilli dips

Jacket Potatoes

Served with fresh salad garnish. Lunch times only.

  • Cheddar Cheese Ⓖ, Homemade Coleslaw Ⓖ or Baked Beans 6.45
  • Beef Chilli Con-Carne Ⓖ 8.45
Eat in or Take away

Cozy Dining for Sunday Roasts

Traditional Sunday Roast at the Axe & Cleaver

With a choice of meats, served with roast potatoes, parsnips, sausage meat stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, red cabbage, Yorkshire pudding and a side of cheesy leeks

Traditional Sunday Roast

For all the family...

  • Traditional Sunday Roast

    With a choice of meats, served with roast potatoes, parsnips, sausage meat stuffing, creamy Mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, red cabbage, Yorkshire pudding and a side of cheesy leeks.

    Childs 6.95
    Medium 8.95
    Adults 11.95
    Three Meats 13.45

Main Meals

  • Beef Chilli Con Carne 10.95

    Served with rice, tortillas and a crusty roll

  • Traditional Lasagne 12.95

    Served with chips or a garlic bread, salad and coleslaw

  • Trio of Sausages 12.95

    Served in a giant Yorkshire pudding, creamy mash, peas, carrots, and gravy

  • Fresh Grimsby Haddock 12.95

    Served with chips and mushy or garden peas. Gluten free option available on request

  • Wholetail Whitby Scampi 12.45

    Served with chips, garden peas and salad

  • Home Cooked Ham Ⓖ 10.95

    Served with chips & two eggs

  • Cottage Pie 12.45

    Topped with cheesy mash and served with fresh vegetables

  • Homemade Shortcrust Pie 12.95

    a choice of Steak and Ale, Steak and Stilton or Chicken Ham and leek all served with fresh vegetables and a choice of potatoes

  • Hunters Chicken Ⓖ 12.45

    Tender sliced chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and grated cheddar cheese. Served with chips and salad garnish

  • Southern Fried Chicken Burger 12.95

    Served in a bun with salsa, cheddar cheese, onion rings. With homemade chips or fries, homemade coleslaw and salad

  • Caramelised Onion & Cheddar Cheese Tart ⓥ 10.95

    Served with a choice of potatoes, coleslaw and salad garnish

  • Quorn Buttermilk Chicken Burger ⓥ🌱 13.95

    Served on a bed of lettuce in a brioche bun with vegan, mayonnaise, chips or fries and salad garnish

  • Quorn Buttermilk Chicken Wrap ⓥ🌱 11.95

    Served with lettuce & red onion and a choice of vegan mayonnaise, BBQ or sweet chilli sauce, served with fries and salad garnish

  • Quorn Chilli Con Carne ⓥ Ⓖ 11.45

    Served with rice and tortillas

  • Fresh Salads 12.45

    With a choice of Chicken, Scampi, Ham, Prawn or Salt & Pepper Chicken strips. Drizzled in sweet chilli. All served with new potatoes in butter and herbs with a crusty roll and coleslaw

Homemade Children’s Dishes

  • Macaroni Cheese ⓥ 6.95

    served with garlic bread

  • Wholetail Scampi, Chicken Bites, Fish, Ham & Egg, or French Bread Pizza ⓥ 6.45

    Served with a choice of either chips, or mashed potato, and either baked beans garden peas or salad

Side Dishes

  • Hot Fries 8.95

    Skinny fries served with chilli and melted cheddar cheese. Ideal for sharing

  • Homemade Chips 3.45
  • Homemade Chips with Cheddar Cheese 3.95
  • Macaroni Cheese 4.95
  • Homemade Coleslaw 2.95
  • Homemade Onion Rings 3.95
  • Skinny Fries 3.45
  • Sweet Potato Fries 4.95
  • Bread & Butter (2 slices) 1.00
  • Garlic Ciabatta (2 slices) 3.45

Please ask a member of staff for this week’s desserts menu
All meals are available to eat in or takeaway

Vegetarian = ⓥ | Vegan = 🌱 | Gluten Free = Ⓖ | Dairy Free = D

If you have Food Allergies/Intolerances, please advise our team as some or all of our food may contain but not limited to any of the following: Cereals containing Gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts and other nuts, Soybean, Milk, Celery, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Sulphites, Lupin and Molluscs. We cannot guarantee any items are free of the above. Our Chefs are always happy to try and cater for anyone with any intolerances when advised and booked in advance

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Take-away food will still be available during our kitchen opening hours. During opening hours call 01507 358738 to book a table or a takeaway. Or you can email us outside of our opening hours at booking@axeandcleaver.com 

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1. The Halloumi – Southern Fried Chicken, topped with Halloumi and sweet chilli sauce, on a bed of lettuce, served with fries, salad & coldslaw for £13.
2. The Steak Burger – 8oz Rump Steak & grilled cherry tomatoes, cooked to your liking, served with chips, salad & coleslaw £14.
3. Axe Premier Burger – Southern fried chicken burger & our homemade 4oz beef burger on a bed of lettuce topped with melted cheddar & burger relish. Served with fries, salad & coleslaw £14.
4. Black & Blue – Two Homemade 4oz beef burgers on a bed of lettuce smothered with melted stilton cheese, served with fries, salad & coleslaw £14
5. The Mexican – 4oz homemade beef burger topped with Hot chilli con carne, jalapeños, tortillas & grated cheddar. Served with fries, salad & coleslaw £12
6. The Hunters – Tender chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, smothers in bacon, sticky BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese, served with fries, salad & coleslaw for £12.
7. Plain Jane – 4 oz Homemade beef burger, topped with melted cheddar served with fries £8
Extras – Hot Wings  – 4 x hot & kicking wings £5.

A choice of pie fillings served with chips or mash. Peas, carrots & gravy. Including a FREE pint or alternatives. Selected pints ask (ask at the bar)  or any real ale, wine or soft drink.

FRIDAYS | FISH FRIDAY. 12 till 3 and 5 till 8.30 pm
Fish, chips & mushy peas

12″ handmade stone-baked Italian pizzas with our own special homemade dough. Buy one get the cheaper one, half price !!
From £8.45

Chefs Weekly Specials Menu

5 till 8 pm
Friday to Sunday evenings
This week's menu from 12th July 24

Dine with us or take away...


Telephone 01507 358738
Bookings booking@axeandcleaver.com


The Axe Premier Burger
Our homemade beefburger on a bed of lettuce topped with a southern fried chicken burger and melted cheddar in a brioche bun. Served with chips, salad, coleslaw and onion rings

Creamy Garlic Chicken
Tender sliced chicken in a creamy garlic sauce. Served with buttery new potatoes, salad and coleslaw

The Three Lions
Southern fried chicken burger on a bed of lettuce, mayo & sliced tomatoes, 3 hot wings, 3 onion rings, 3 dips mayo BBQ and sweet chilli, a garlic ciabatta, fries and coleslaw

Pan Fried Salmon
Pan-fried salmon served with buttery new potatoes, salad, coleslaw and  hollandaise sauce

Rib & Chicken Combo
Meaty Pork Ribs, slow cooked smothered in a BBQ sauce, with salt & Pepper chicken, with a BBQ sauce dip, fries, onion rings, salad and coleslaw


5.95 each.

Sticky Orange & Chocolate Cake
Squidgy orange curd sponge, filled with pockets of orange curd. Smothered in dark chocolate and decorated with orange icing and rich Belgian chocolate sauce

Chocolate Brownie (New Recipe!)
Chocolate brownie with milk and chocolate chips served warm. Drizzled in chocolate sauce. (Gluten-free on request)

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Drizzled in our homemade warm toffee sauce

Bramley Apple & Blackberry Crumble
A classic warm crumble

Treacle Sponge
Our classic warm treacle sponge

Ginger Sponge
This traditional recipe is made with softened dates and stem ginger covered in sticky ginger sauce

Lemon & Mascarpone Cheesecake (V) (G)
A tangy lemon cheesecake on a crunchy gluten-free biscuit base, with a creamy mascarpone topping and drizzled in a zingy lemon sauce with a dusting off with icing sugar

All desserts above come with one of the following,
Cream, custard or one scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Biscoff Ice Cream Slice
Biscoff flavoured Ice cream on a biscoff base, decorated with Biscoff biscuits,
chocolate swirls and chocolate flakes

Axe Trio
Our two best sellers! our homemade brownie covered in chocolate sauce & flakes, & our sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce served with vanilla ice cream.

Profiterole Sundae
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with profiteroles and chocolate sauce, squirty cream & drizzled-in chocolate sauce.

Selection of ice creams from Appleby’s Ices (all gluten-free unless stated) 
Ice Creams: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint Choc Chip, Honeycomb, Cookie Dough or Lemon sorbet.
1 scoop £1.50. 2 scoops £3.00. 3 scoops £4.50.

Food Allergies and Intolerances Under the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (No.1169/2011), some or all of our food may contain (but is not limited to) the following allergens: Cereals containing gluten; Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soya, Milk, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame, Sulphur dioxide, Lupin, Mollusc. If you have any food intolerances or allergies, please speak to a member of our staff.